Who is the author?

My name is Barbora and I am from beautiful South Bohemia. And I am not too good at English, you will see soon :-) I have very well known since I was i child, that my meaning of life doesn't speak, but its sounds are howling, mooing, buzzing. Simply I already knew that animals cannot resist cruel treatment from people. My first petition against vivisection was writen when I was in the third class (yes, it was poor quality and useless). But it was fist step in my animal lifeway. Especially cocker spaniels are very important in my life, they were by my side at the start of this project Magic Animal. Cocker spaniel was my Muse, when I came up with a combination of animal silhouet and the energy of mandalas. A lot of amazing creatures live around the world, so pictures of another animal kinds cames. Some paintings are made at the customer's request, some comes spontaneously and find new owners later. All my paintings have the same mission - make the owner happy by energy mandalas and animals, becouse animals don't lie, cheat, envy or destroy planet.

My paintings and T-shirst with Magic Animal Design are popular not only Czech republic, but also abroad - for example in Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, United Kingdim or Spain. In addition, we support sick and abandoned animals from the sale of T-shirts - more than 10,000 CZK was send for them in 2020.

Do you want to have Magic Animal T-shirst or original mandala painting of your pet? Look at my e-shop or cotnact me!

B. Z. N.